Deep Dive into IIoT & Digital Manufacturing

Participate in learning how connected machines could improve processes, streamline your operations while making your manufacturing unit a safe place to work. With the widespread deployment of sensors and evolving fleet of smart machines, there is an increasing need of handling big manufacturing data characterized by high volume, high accuracy for boosting performance. Ultimately, connectivity using IoT in a broad sense is the key driver to reducing downtimes and increasing productivity. Learn how you can integrate the sensors and communication modules to realize Digital manufacturing in the IIoT Space.

Building Blocks for IIoT: Power, Security, Automotive & Wireless

The Industrial Internet of Things depends on sensors, wireless communication, security, and power all working together to enable smart factories, complex robotics, and automated assembly lines. A shortcoming in any of these systems can have a negative effect on overall efficiency and output. Learn about the latest in sensor, wireless, security and power management technology and discover solutions that will keep the system running without a downtime issue.

Empowering innovation in the IoT of “Smart cars and Urban Mobility”

The emergence of IOT in the automotive industry is creating a market disruption and a transformative environment which is uplifting its value chain and business model. V2V and V2I (collectively known as V2X) represent a huge opportunity to evolve and capitalize. Discuss and share the latest in autonomous vehicles and vehicle communication platforms with the technology experts who are making this happen. In not so distant future, more vehicles will get connected using IoT and this revolution is at the brink of unfolding automotive innovation and value creation testing its boundaries with other industries.

Connected Infra: Smart Factories & Smarter Buildings

The advancements of technologies applied in reinventing buildings will revolutionize the way we live and work. The need for the “Connected Infrastructure of Tomorrow” is approaching faster than we think. From smart homes to smart offices to multi-dwelling units, discover the trends in the building industry that affect the smart technology and solutions inside the building that are impacting the planning for tomorrow’s requirements in a connected world.

5G & IoT: Ushering in the Next Era

There has been tremendous hype around 5G ever since it was proposed, with service providers promising that it will be the next generation mobile network that will provide everything from high data rates, to ultra-low latency, to global coverage. At the roadshow, you will learn about several critical connectivity aspects of 5G development and the prospects of it changing the connected IoT landscape.

IoT in Business and finance

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the world has new opportunity to create smart city deployments that could be tailored to requirements specific to the region. Our experts will take you through the required frameworks and methods used for developing smart city solutions, power and energy models that are highly transferable; benefitting Industrial, governmental, and public stakeholders alike. Let us share our learnings and best practices to improve the lives of everyone on the planet.

Prior registration is mandatory due to limited seats. 2 registrants per company only. So, Hurry-Register Free! Please carry a copy of the email confirmation to the event. We have planned a long lunch schedule and coffee break for you to have a unique opportunity to interact with industry experts present at the event.